DF18+ unlocks your personal key to beauty, with dedicated solutions…

DF18+ unlocks your personal key to beauty, with dedicated solutions for all your different skin needs. It has the highest plant biodiversity in one jar*. A combination of high-performance ingredients with magnificent textural sensoriality, enriched with plant-based solutions rich in unique chemical molecules that activate your skin’s youth. Here you can find suggestions for your specific skin concerns, and a special seasonal skincare suggestion.


DF18+’s formulations are scientifically designed to act on your skin and enhance your complexion from the inside out. Formulations specially crafted by the brilliant minds of global skincare leaders, combining incredible technologies for potency and efficacy, with luxurious and sensorial textures.
DF18+’s signature 18+ blend powers all our products, a synergistic combination of eighteen patented, bio-engineered plant actives that harness the beautifying powers of nature with the highest plant biodiversity in one bottle. In the skincare community serums are considered to represent the most concentrated level of efficacy. Each of DF18+’s 4 serums and Cream have an augmented percentage of a dedicated standout plant active, designated to treat specific skincare concerns and to replenish youthfulness to the skin with an all-encompassing beautifying and rejuvenating approach.


If you are looking for dedicated rejuvenating solutions DF18+ has two incredibly efficient serums that invigorate the senses with pleasurable texture and amplified youth enhancing properties. The Original serum activates the skin’s responses to moisturize, smooth and delight your skin with a light and plush sensoriality that stimulates the skin to produce youth proteins that boost collagen production and dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If you are looking for a different approach, The Balm serum is supercharged with firming and lifting actives that help boost skin cell turnover. The concentrated balm-essence delights the skin with re-plumping and revitalizing care that provides rejuvenating results to relaxed skin with less defined skin contours.


There is nothing better than a glowing complexion. If you are looking to eliminate the dullness away from your skin, The Silk serum is the perfect targeted solution. This silken masterpiece brightens and evens your skin tone with actives that help prevent signs of hyperpigmentation. Within the skin, ageing is associated with a loss of tone, slower cellular renewal rate and hyperpigmentation. This special coffee bean derived active has a high concentration of antioxidants that help to slow down this ageing process, thus helping to prevent these skincare concerns before they arise. Its luxurious air-light texture seamlessly absorbs into the skin to promote skin cell renewal and vibrancy, enveloping and perfecting your complexion with luminous radiance


Our skin sometimes reacts in unexpected ways, it gets irritated, dull, oily and inflamed. If your skin tends to be more prone to these conditions, then The Velvet serum is the perfect formula to solve your skin concerns. The exquisite velvety elixir deeply hydrates the skin to replenish volume and soothe inflammation. The serum controls sebum production and minimizes the look of pores to smooth your complexion and provide a skin-refining mattifying finish.


Seasons change and so does our skin. Our skincare should change with them. Some seasons take a bigger toll on our skin, now heading into fall after a long summer in the sun, we need to replenish our skin and get it ready for the colder months to come. During winter, our skin protects itself by inducing vascular processes that help us stay warm. When these processes are activated it reduces the permeability between the skin and blood cells, meaning that less nutrients can be carried into the skin, making it more sensitive and prone to dryness. The Intensive cream indulges the skin with a pure skin revival, deeply nourishing the skin’s cellular pathways for an accelerated rejuvenation from within. A sensorially rich and light journey that improves cellular energy and protects the skin from stress while reducing fine lines and wrinkles and enhancing skin firmness and elasticity.


If you are still unsure where to start your skincare journey, we invite you to take our online skin analysis, that will direct you down the right path. If you wind yourself in Milan, immerse yourself in the world of DF18+ at our clubhouse located in the heart of the luxury district, where we offer an in-depth dermatological skin analysis that will give you extraordinary insights about your skin.

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