Science is the highest pillar behind DF18+. Our passion lies…

Science is the highest pillar behind DF18+. Our passion lies with green biotechnology, the science that makes us unique and qualifies our innovative, patented ingredients apart from the rest. Biotechnology not only provides DF18+ the outstanding ability to craft remarkable formulations, it also is exceptionally beneficial in the production of naturally derived, high caliber active ingredients. Biotechnology is ingrained in DF18+’s legacy. It is the force that makes our formulas unique.


DF18+’s exclusive laboratories have always dedicated themselves to researching cutting-edge biotechnologies, originally conducting research on plant resistance. The labs used biotechnology as a discovery tool, developing innovative compounds that could potentially protect plants in order to increase their longevity. It was during this rigorous research journey that the lab discovered a miracle peptide that promised exceptional efficacy. A groundbreaking discovery in the biotechnological science field. This momentous occasion needed to be set in stone, which is why the laboratory obtained a worldwide patent for this newfound technology, and now, it is exclusively available at the highest potency in the DF18+ products.


The exclusive breakthrough technology was not only beneficial to plants, in fact, initial research had proven that the advanced compound had great abilities to provide protection and improve the overall health of the skin. DF18+’s founder was absolutely fascinated by the technology and the remarkable science behind it, prompting him to collaborate with the lab and shifting the research towards cosmetic active ingredient development. A collaboration purely driven by the founder’s passion for skincare and his talent in beauty craftsmanship. DF18+’s specialized lab combines the patented scientific knowledge on plant science and expertise in skin cell biology to reach an extremely notable level of efficacy in skincare.


DF18+’s laboratories utilize green biotechnology, focusing on the extraction of plant stem cells in order to produce naturally derived cosmetic actives. These precious plant stem cells have a notable regenerative power that allows for more plant cells to be produced from miniscule amounts of raw material. This process allows DF18+ to maintain a sustainable and ecologically preservative approach given that there is no need to harvest exponential amounts of raw material, therefore drastically minimizing the brands impact on the environment.
The laboratories are able to do more with less. Magnifying the skincare potential of even the smallest particles to have the ability to research even the most precious actives to unveil their abilities in a conscious manner.


After various years of passionate research and development, the laboratories now can account for a portfolio of actives, each of them incredibly efficient and with individually unique properties and origins. DF18+’s founder was in awe with the far-reaching capabilities of these exclusively discovered actives, prompting him to craft an ultimately unique formula that combines eighteen of these extraordinary ingredients. His creation evolved to be the ground-breaking 18+ blend that powers all our formulas, the blend that sets us apart from the ordinary.


The DF18+ signature blend holds the highest skincare plant biodiversity in a jar.* Each of the products of this collection has the power of 18 serums in one powerful blend. Its uniqueness is unlike anything else that can be found in the market. The superior plant actives that make up our products are designed to work in absolute synergy with one another. It is a multi-tasking solution for a wide variety of skin concerns. Combining high performance ingredients with magnificent sensoriality and luxurious texture, for a pure moment of blissful self-care.


At DF18+ sustainability is of utmost importance. DF18+’s use of biotechnology for plant stem cell extraction is a highly efficient and sustainable alternative to produce cosmetic active ingredients. Allowing DF18+ to remain more environmentally friendly while still using plants as a tool for cosmetic discovery. The laboratories use optimized cultivation that don’t need agricultural land and utilize very little light and reduce water consumption by 80%. All the specialized plant actives are produced in-lab to ensure that less raw material is being used and less waste is produced as a result. Producing our outstanding active ingredients in DF18+’s personal labs also exceptionally shortens the supply chain, directly from lab to manufacturer, and in turn reducing the overall environmental footprint. DF18+ believes in science, but in sustainability too. Our ecosistem needs to be preserved in order for it to continue to inspire us and provide all its incredible potential.


Biotechnology is the scientific approach that makes DF18+ extraordinary, the standout tool that has brought us to where we are today. With a legacy of skincare knowledge, specialized and exclusive labs, patented technologies and actives, the highest plant biodiversity in one formula, and our multi capable products that give you magnificently unique skincare treatments. Each of the products of this collection has the power of 18 serums in one powerful blend. A pro-nature, science-first skincare brand, that combines decades of knowledge without sacrificing the pleasure of a beautifully sensorial self-care experience.

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